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Vladimír Šmehlík

Vladimír Šmehlík

"I am glad to be from Central Europe..."

I must confess I do not have liking for exotism. I like it at home, in Europe. You may say I am spoilt and I certainly do not oppose that. I like the atmosphere of European cities. The scent cafés, gallery halls, silence and coldness of cathedrals, colours and fuss of markets and above all, the feeling of closeness and home.

I like intimate atmosphere and pompous baroque of Olomouc, shafts, rust-coloured pipes and playful Art Nouveau of Ostrava, the scent of coffee and markets, elegance of Silesian Vratislav or the magnificent Krakow with is rich history and shabby streets. Central Europe has been affected by all surrounding influences and thus gained a distinctive nature of its cities which I enjoy the most. The feeling you are close. Vienna, Krakow, Vratislav, Dresden, Prague, Bratislava, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava - all these cities have something in common. Is is beer? Dumplings? Waltz or Polka? Cafés? They all have a piece of European heritage and culture in themselves. I am glad to be from Central Europe.

What about you? Have you ever tried bigos or žurek? Can you eat a schnitzel as big as elephant? It is about time to explore the old continent.

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