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Petra Bujoková

Petra Bujoková

"A smile will take you a long way..."

My desire to discover the whole world seized me in my teens. After the fall of communism, the borders opened and I got the chance to make my dreams come true. The best part of travelling is learning about people. I visited countries where personal contact with local inhabitants was not recommended. But how could I resist? As soon as children approached me, unabashed and curious as they never saw such a freak, I could not do anything but to play with them, immensly moved by their attitude.

I love places almost untouched by tourists. I try to learn at least the basics of a particular language and communicate with the natives. I am always rewarded by their unimaginable hospitality and one finds out that smile will takes us a long way.

When I was 6 years old, I remember saying my father then I will be a ski instructor because I feel like a was born wearing skis. I have worked as an insctructor in the Alps for several years now.
It is hard to say what the tour will look like with me as I like adventures. Fortunately, the set schedule keeps my feet on the ground. :)

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