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Petra Bělohubá

Petra Bělohubá

"Travelling makes us grow..."

I believe that people grow when travelling. We learn things not only about the differences between other people and their cultures but mainly about ourselves. Travelling teaches us to be patient towards dissimilarities and not to be afraid of the unknown. It simply broadens our horizons and makes us a better people. We realize what a beautiful and extraordinary place we live in - our planet. That is why I travel. I consider travelling to be one of the most important sources of knowledge and those who feel the same I would like to help and show everything that our extraordinary planet offers. 

Apart from the travelling across European countries, I lived in Canada and Great Britain for several months and I studied Anglo-American studies. I love Europe as nowhere in the world are history, art and diversity of inhabitants so flawlessly united than on the old continent.

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