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Ivana Fabiánová

Ivana Fabiánová

„Savour the moment…“

I fell in love with the French language and all things French during my studies. Then the fall of the Iron Curtain came and the world was within the reach. I went to Paris to make my dream come true. That started my career as a tour guide.

From that day to this I have explored many other countries of Europe - by car, skiing, cycling, on foot. Alone or with clients. Each new destination and its people taught me that humility and humbleness, that these qualities are the key to a truly exploratory experience, to really experience the culture, gastronomy, customs and traditions. I learned to ease my pace and get to know the mentality of each country. Thus I somehow blend in and really savour the moment.

It is better, after all, to stop for some time, go for a coffee, observe and talk to local people than to rush and see the places through the bus window.

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