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Štramberk: The Moravian Bethlehem

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 24. 6. 2016 | Updated: 30. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Štramberk Town, Czech Republic Štramberk Town, Czech Republic
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The charming little town Štramberk lies at the foothills of Beskydy. This mountain town is located in wooded hills and thanks to its dominant castle you can see it from far away.

The tower Trúba in ŠtramberkThe tower Trúba in ŠtramberkFoto:

It is nicknamed as “Moravian Bethlehem” and was founded in 14th century. However, the discovery of cave Šipka (The Arrow) is a proof that the territory was preoccupied as early as in prehistoric times. The town is dominated by the ruins of a castle with a tower Trúba to which a path, bordered with unique complex of timbered houses, leads. Nevertheless, the town got it famous reputation on a legend and gingerbread sweets - the Štramberk Ears.

There is also a little brewery with delicious beer Trubač (bugler). They also serve other beer specials here and on top of that you can try the benefitial effects of beer on your own skin in a local beer spa.

Štramberk ears - gingerbread cookiesŠtramberk ears - gingerbread cookiesFoto:

Prehistoric cave Šipka, ŠtramberkPrehistoric cave Šipka, ŠtramberkFoto:



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