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Based on Bloody History: Štramberk Ears

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 12. 7. 2016 | Updated: 2. 4. 2020PrintSend by email

Štramberk ears sprinkled with nuts Štramberk ears sprinkled with nuts
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A charming little town Štramberk lies at the foothills of Beskydy. It is nicknamed as “Moravian Bethlehem” and was founded in 14th century. Though dominated by the ruins of a castle with tower Trúba, it famous reputation on a legend and gingerbread sweets.

The dainty many people cannot resist is called Štramberk Ears. You probably wonder why it has such an odd name. 

Once upon a time...

Štramberk ears - gingerbread cookiesŠtramberk ears - gingerbread cookiesFoto:

The ears are baked for centuries as a remembrance of the casualties of the Tatar invasion. In the year 1241 Tatars attacked Moravia, and were drawing near to Štramberk. Those who were not able to escape before the cruel warriors were killed. The legend says that thanks to a miracle the Štramberk people, full of hope, dug out a lake and after a heavy rain it flooded out the Tatars from their territory. After the flood, sacks of salted ears chopped off the poor fellow Štramberk people were found out. In memory of this event, gingerbread ears are baked for centuries.

Bakery ''U Káči''

The recipe is a trademark and the ears are made exclusively in the town. The best Štramberk ears you try is in a small local bakery U Káči. They have a long history of baking the legendary ears and offers much more - you can not only taste the traditional ears but also chocolate, coconut, almond, dipped in chocolate or filled with cream.

Package of Štramberk earsPackage of Štramberk earsFoto:



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