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St. Stephen's Cathedral

An Elegant Crown of Vienna: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 15. 3. 2016 | Updated: 8. 4. 2020PrintSend by email

St Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna St Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna
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Stephansdom aka St. Stephan's Cathedral is one of the most prominent Gothic structures in Vienna. A visit of this gem is simply a must.

Built in 12th century, the cathedral has four towers, the highest of which has 136 metres and include a room where you can experience a wonderful view across the monumental Vienna. To get there, you have to defeat over 340 steps. The whole cathedral prides itself with 13 bells, the most famous is the Pummerin located in the North Tower. The eminent part of the cathedral is its roof made of two hundred thousand colorful roof tiles to create he Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle and the coat of arms of the city of Vienna.

Aerial view from St. Stephen's CathedralAerial view from St. Stephen's CathedralFoto:

The whole interior was changed numerous times during centuries. Relics, monstrances, liturgial texts and garmet decorate the whole magnificent interior. There are also a catacombs where prominent figures of that time found a resting place. A beautifully decorated sarcophagus belongs to Emperor Friedrich III. or Rudolf IV. who laid the foundation stone of the cathedral.

St Stephan's Cathedral at dusk, ViennaSt Stephan's Cathedral at dusk, ViennaFoto:

Architectural detail, St. Stephen's Cathedral in ViennaArchitectural detail, St. Stephen's Cathedral in ViennaFoto:

Altar in St Stephan's CathedralAltar in St Stephan's CathedralFoto:

Interior of the Stephansdom, ViennaInterior of the Stephansdom, ViennaFoto:



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