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Sand World in Lednice Chateau

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 21. 9. 2016 | Updated: 29. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Chinese dragon at Lednice exhibition (2015) Chinese dragon at Lednice exhibition (2015)
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Over 800 tonnes of sea sand were brought to a Czech little town Lednice so that it could come alive in a form of various creatures or figures. Last year, in 2015, the whole exhibition was inspired by an ancient China and its culture. This year's topic is ''A History of Czech Lands'' so let's take a look on the milestones of a country in the heart of Europe.

Kung Fu Panda, Lednice 2015Kung Fu Panda, Lednice 2015Foto:

Nineteen sand sculptures were created by a Czech artist Michal Olsiak with help of other seven sculptors during two months. The sand is mixed with clay so that the final work would hold together. One sculpture takes from one to two weeks to create, depending on the complexity of object. The sand has to be tamped down with water and put into a special form of a certain size. Then the sculptor takes another pile of sand with water, puts it into a smaller form and place it on the previous one. That goes on and on until you have a multi-layer cake out of sand. Now it's the right moment to creat art., the basic equipment is spoon, spatula and a brush. When the work is done, the final step would be to spray it with a special liquid so that it would resist water in case it's raining. You might wonder what happens to the sand when the exhibiton is over. Well, it's used for next year's event. 

Palace based on Chinese culture, Lednice 2015Palace based on Chinese culture, Lednice 2015Foto:

The exhibiton is suitable for everyone - children will cheer over dinosaurs, trilobites and mamoths and adults will be amazed by three meters high face of Bohemian king Karel IV. or painter Alfons Mucha. Each sculpture has a board with basic information so that visitors can learn more about what they are looking at. The exhibition is open from the end of May to the end of October, if weather allows.



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