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Kuks Pharmaceutical Museum

Past Healing Skills: Pharmaceutical Museum in Kuks

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

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Czech Pharmaceutical Museum, Kuks Czech Pharmaceutical Museum, Kuks
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Listed among the Czech National Cultural Monuments, Hospital Kuks has many must-sees. Not only it's a unique display of Baroque art like statues of Virtues and Vices by Matthias Braun or a family tomb of Sporck ancestors in a dominating Holy Trinity Church. The main crown-puller is also the second oldest pharmacy in Central Europe. But a little bit of introduction to the history first.

Hospital Kuks

Holy Trinity Church with hospital in the background, KuksHoly Trinity Church with hospital in the background, KuksFoto:

Back in the 18th century, Franz Anton von Sporck decided to make use of local healing spring found here and he built a spa sanatorium. Originally it also included a chateau. It served as a place for many pompous events, balls and hunts. Later, it gained a more significant manner as a church with hospital for war veterans was added to the area. 

Pharmacy 'The Pomegrade'

Medical equipment, Kuks PharmacyMedical equipment, Kuks PharmacyFoto:

The most important part of the Hospital is the a pharmacy from the end of the 18th century. Its name was taken from the sighn of Brothers of Charity. There is a fascinating collection of various pharmaceutical equipment then available: iron and bronze mortars, reliefs, paintings and apothecary jars will get you by their aesthetic beauty.

The main exposition in the museum is called ''Magic of pharmacy'' which follows the history of pharmacy, the development of medications and its impact on human body from 17th century. Visitors can also experience the role of the pharmacist on their own and prepare your own potion or pill. You will also find out what is the benefit of wolf's livers or the mummy powder. If you feel sick, no need to panic - you can buy local herb drops that wil surely refresh you.

Baroque Pharmacy at Hospital KuksBaroque Pharmacy at Hospital KuksFoto:

Medical bottles and mortar, Kuks PharmacyMedical bottles and mortar, Kuks PharmacyFoto:



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