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Not Only for Beer is the Czech Republic Famous For

Eva Kubná

Author: Eva Kubná,

Published: 3. 8. 2016 | Updated: 28. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Wine Cellars in Village Kobyli, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic Wine Cellars in Village Kobyli, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic
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Plzeň, Starobrno, Kozel, Radegast...sound familiar to you? And what about Znojmo, Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice...If not, I hope that after reading this article it´ll be. Though Czech Republic is mainly famous for excellent beer, beautiful girls and good ice-hockey players, it is not enough! Hardly anybody knows that Czech vineyards count about 19 thousand hectares.

Wineyard on the South MoraviaWineyard on the South MoraviaFoto:

When we talk about wine produced in the Czech Republic, we prefer to call it "Moravian wine" because manufacture is principally situated in the heart of our country - in the Southern Moravia. There are four main wine production parts: Znojemsko, Slovácko, Velké Pavlovice and Mikulov. Though these areas are located close to each other, they are famous for different kinds of wine. And be sure that wine growers want to differentiate their wine according these particular regions. Actually, their wine is their pride and we cannot blame them. Moravia wine is one of the best in the world! What´s more, Moravia wine growers are famous for their openness and helpfulness and they´d be honored to stay with you in their wine cellar and drink their finest wine, eat their home-made food and speak about their vineyards. Actually, I put money on you'd fall in love with Moravia after this kind of evening.

Wine cellar, Czech RepublicWine cellar, Czech RepublicFoto:

Wine degustation, MoraviaWine degustation, MoraviaFoto:

On the whole, Moravia wine region is specialized in production of white wine with interesting aroma which is drawned from Moravia soils and sub-soils. The warm climate helps to cultivate Grüner Veltliner, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc or Müller Thurgau. Decent red wine includes Pinot Noir, Lemberger or Portugiser Blauer. However, what majority of Czech likes is special wine called "burčák"- it is fermented new wine and taste like a soft drink. If you´d like to enjoy this specific drink, visit Moravia during autumn where the harvest is already finished and people enjoy this traditional drink. Actually, autumn is the best season for visiting and enjoying right Moravian atmosphere because people celebrate wine harvest in the whole region in this period of time...concerts, historical procession, local food and of course new wine....plenty of new wine. That´s the traditional wine harvest festival in Moravia!

I hope that now you understand the importance of Moravian wine for Czech people. And don´t forget: Czech is not only beer nation but also wine nation!

Historical Procession- King and Queen, Znojmo Wine FestivalHistorical Procession- King and Queen, Znojmo Wine FestivalFoto:



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