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The Church of Ghosts: Unheard Prayers

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 3. 3. 2016 | Updated: 23. 3. 2023PrintSend by email

Dozens of white-robed figures sit on wooden benches. They do not speak. They do not move. With bowed heads they are silently praying to God.

The Church of Saint George in Luková, Czech RepublicThe Church of Saint George in Luková, Czech RepublicFoto:

The Church of Saint George in Luková, or The Church of Ghosts as it is called now, is definitely a place that gives you shivers. It is a dominant feature of the surroundigs since the 14th century but in a desperately poor state. In order to raise awareness, a college student created 32 sculptures out of plaster, each of them on living people. Thanks to this unusual decoration, the church gained popularity which might lead to the neccessary reconstruction.

The sculptures represent the spirits of Sudeten Germans who used to live in the village and for whom the faith in God was an important part of their lives.

Some people are frightened by the dense atmosphere of the place, the others are attracted to it. Either way, the church became a sensation.

Lukov ghosts, Luková churchLukov ghosts, Luková churchFoto:

View from above, Luková ChurchView from above, Luková ChurchFoto:

Hooded figures, Luková churchHooded figures, Luková churchFoto:

Whispering of desperate prayers, Luková ChurchWhispering of desperate prayers, Luková ChurchFoto:



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