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Keep Calm and Chill Out in Brno!

Eva Kubná

Author: Eva Kubná,

Published: 3. 8. 2016 | Updated: 27. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Fountain in Brno Fountain in Brno
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If anybody is asked about traveling to the Czech Republic, majority of people firstly think about Prague – the capital. It is true that Prague is beautiful so no wonder that almost every visitor falls in love with this magic place. But the Czech Republic is not only Prague, the Czech Republic offers many lovely places where you can spent your holidays and experience the Czech Republic without plenty of tourists. For example, Brno.

Brno center viewBrno center viewFoto:

Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic, situated in the Southern Moravia, belongs among the best 10 European city break cities of 2016, according to Guardian. Actually, Brno is cheap, Brno is special, Brno is simply super! So read on and discover the secrets of Brno´s curiosity.

Brno MarketBrno MarketFoto:

Hard to believe that peaceful and quite city exists in these days. But I assure you that there is, in Moravia. Even if Brno is fashionable, and don´t stay behind, it is not stressful and quick. In fact, Brno is a good place to relax while you taste good food; drink local wine or beer; get drink in one of many cool bars; have a cup of the finest coffee; wander through the cozy city streets; shop in local markets or just explore the city monuments. Speaking about monuments, the most important attractions is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul – the city dominant – in which the bell rings at 11 o´clock! You could enjoy a view on the city from the 13th century Špilberk Castle, visit UNESCO sight Villa Tugendhat, take a look into St. James Ossuary or admire the Freedom Square where almost every architecture style could be founded (even trendy controversial astronomical clock).

Brno Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Brno, Czech republicBrno Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Brno, Czech republicFoto:

Vila Tugendhat - UNESCO world heritage, Brno, Czech republicVila Tugendhat - UNESCO world heritage, Brno, Czech republicFoto:

Don´t trust? Come to Brno and see it for yourself!



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