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Magical Ruins of the Hukvaldy Castle

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

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Hukvaldy from the aerial view Hukvaldy from the aerial view
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One of the biggest castles in Central Europe, the Hukvaldy Castle, represents the main landmark of the picturesque village of the same name. It dates back to the 13th century and throughout its history it was besieged many times but never taken.

Inner area of the Hukvaldy CastleInner area of the Hukvaldy CastleFoto:

The castle was built to guard the trade route from Olomouc to Polish Krakow and it was owned by the powerful Bishopric of Olomouc as other estates in surroundings.  It was destroyed by the fire in 1762 and it decayed until the 19th century when the necessary reconstruciton was made. After the fire the site was left to fall into ruin – except the Chapel of St Andrew, restored in the 19th century.

Hukvaldy castle, Czech RepublicHukvaldy castle, Czech RepublicFoto:

Hundred years old beech, Hukvaldy Castle groundsHundred years old beech, Hukvaldy Castle groundsFoto:

In the forest below the castle, there is an extensive game park with avenues of hundred-old beech, oaks, chestnuts and lime trees. The park was established in 1566 by a the Bishop of Olomouc who was givena gift of several game animals. Today it is a home of two main game animals - mouflon and fallow deer. Part of the castle complex is also an outdoor amphitheatre which has served as a concert venue for decades. You may come across a statue of  the Cunning Little Vixen which commemorates the famous opera by a famous local Czech composer, Leoš Janáček. The legend has it that if you touch the vixen's golden tail and make a wish, it will come true within a year. 

Liška Bystrouška - the lucky vixen on the way Hukvaldy CastleLiška Bystrouška - the lucky vixen on the way Hukvaldy CastleFoto:

Hukvaldy Castle, Czech RepublicHukvaldy Castle, Czech RepublicFoto:

Bridge to a second Hukvaldy castle courtyardBridge to a second Hukvaldy castle courtyardFoto:



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