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Hallstatt: A Scenery Like No Other

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 7. 3. 2016 | Updated: 18. 8. 2019PrintSend by email

Hallstatt, Austria Hallstatt, Austria
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High mountains rising from narrow valleys reflected on the water surface. The view squeezed between a salt mountain and vast lake. Underground salt and water world. Mysterious caverns. Hallstatt’s beauty alone would be enough to guarantee it fame. 

Paint-coloured houses, HallstattPaint-coloured houses, HallstattFoto:

The old miner town Hallstatt in Austria is the one and only. Walking through the streets is like stepping on the history itself. The rarity of the town is the Hallstatt osuary with thousands of painted skulls.

Skulls in Hallstatt OsuarySkulls in Hallstatt OsuaryFoto:

Market Square, HallstattMarket Square, HallstattFoto:

There is also the world's oldest salt mine where you can get for example by cable car during which you can savour the gourgeous view. The tour in salt mines includes not only the history of mining but also a miner's slide or a game of lights. 
Moreover, an exciting story is connected to the salt mine. During one day in shaf, miners discovered a well-preserved corpse of a man. His clothing and sking was a proof that his body was over hundreds of years old. It is believed that the man was a victim of a mining accident as early as 1000 BC. Close to the site of the find, a miner tells this amazing story of “The Man in Salt”.

Entrance to the Hallstatt Salt MineEntrance to the Hallstatt Salt MineFoto:




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