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Franz Kafka Busta

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 22. 9. 2016 | Updated: 29. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Located in a busy Prague shopping centre, the latest work by artist David Černý is quite controversial - it is a big bust of renowned Czech writer Franz Kafka.

The sculpture was built in 2014 on 90th anniversary of Kafka's death. And it's not just a regular sculpture or bust. It weighs 39 tons and is composed of 42 layers and reaches a height of 11 meters. Moreover, the layear are not only reflective but they are twisting, the layers are independently driven and they are constantly moving. The piece depicts Kafka’s tortured personality and self doubt. The interesting thing is that it stands right next to a building in which Kafka himself once worked as a clerk. It changes over time just like his character K in his work ''The Metamorphosis.''

Franz Kaftka Statue, PragueFranz Kaftka Statue, PragueFoto: 



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