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Frankenstein Castle: Birthplace of a Bizzare Alchemist

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 13. 6. 2016 | Updated: 7. 7. 2020PrintSend by email

Frankenstein Castle, Germany Frankenstein Castle, Germany
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Among the dark forests of Germany, just a stone's throw from a town called Darmstadt, a spooky but magnificent castle crowns the local mountain. Though it was always connected to mysterious legends and myths, it used to be just an ordinary castle like any other in Germany. It all changed in the 18th century when a Scottish writer Mary Shelley wrote her thoughts and fears on a paper.

A little bit of background history...

Frankenstein Castle, Darmstadt, GermanyFrankenstein Castle, Darmstadt, GermanyFoto:

Castle Frankenstein got its name from the nobel family of Frankenstein who occupied the castle until the late 1600s. It exactly in the 1673 when Johann Conrad Dippel was born in the castle. Rumours say that he engaged in gruesome experiments and brewed various strange potions. It is also believed that he dug up dead bodies from cemetery and made some anatomical studies on them. According to his writings he even believed that a human soul can transfer from one corpse to another. There are no evidences that he tested it however. Still it is widely discussed that he was the inspiration for Mary Shelley's mad scientist in her gothic masterpiece.
After some time, the castle was sold and turned out into a hospital before abandoned for nearly two centuries. During the 20th century it gradually decayed until few smart people wanted to bring its famous reputation back.

Halloween parties

Halloween, Frankenstein Castle, GermanyHalloween, Frankenstein Castle, GermanyFoto:

In 1970's a group of American soldiers founded an annual Halloween festival in the premises of the castle. The castle is haunted by zombies and monsters during the biggest festival of its kind in Germany, and the oldest in Europe. The creatures roar and scare people for 14 days, there is also a special effects spectacle and you can have a creepy dinner with zombies. The Tower of Terror introduces you to the terrifying practices of the Middle Ages. The actors usually choose a volunteer and slighty torture him in front of the audience. If you have enough of monsters, there is a monster-free party zone where you can just enjoy few weird drinks with your friends. The promoters did not forget about children - the monsters get more well-behaved on Sundays so it is an ideal day for families.



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