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Time Machine to the Middle Ages: Dětenice

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 4. 3. 2016 | Updated: 12. 10. 2019PrintSend by email

Dětenice Chateau, Czech Republic Dětenice Chateau, Czech Republic
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Have you ever thought about what it was like in the Middle Ages? Well, you can find out in a village called Dětenice.

Medieval Tavern, Dětenice, Czech RepublicMedieval Tavern, Dětenice, Czech RepublicFoto:

In local Medieval Tavern you'll see dancers gracefully moving on tables, dwarfs, fakeers, beggars and swordsmen fighting for life. You'll be eating meat prepared on open fire with your bare hands, served by staff robed in period costumes. All of this emphasized by the tones of mediaval music. And don't be suprised to see a public execution or burning of withes.

Interior of medieval tavern, DěteniceInterior of medieval tavern, DěteniceFoto:
After dinner you can stay overnight in Medieval Hotel where the Dětenice Hell is located. All year round the scary tours are held on Saturday in the chambers of the chateau. After this horrific experience, children will be cheered up during a performance of Sleeping Beauty.
In summer, the Knight Tournaments take place in the area where the sounds of blade, pain and screams await you. Long story short, it's a medieval experience through and through.

Knight Tournament, DěteniceKnight Tournament, DěteniceFoto:



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