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Demanova Ice Cave: Natural Wealth of Slovakia

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 3. 3. 2016 | Updated: 10. 12. 2019PrintSend by email

Lake in Demanova Ice Cave Lake in Demanova Ice Cave
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Czech's neighbour Slovakia is also rich in natural phenomena. The coutnry has over 4000 caves, 12 of which are available to public. One of them is located in the mountain range Lower Tatras and prides itself with exceptional shapes and structures.

Demanova Ice Cave is one of the gems. First mention of the cave goes back to 13th century so that makes it one of the oldest cave in Europe. Formed by the flow of river, the visit leads through spacious river corridors and steep sections. Best visits are during Spring months when water from melted snow enter the cave, freezes and forms columns and frozen ground.

The ice structures are located in lower parts of the cave where the river Demanova flows. The place used to be called as ''Dragon's cave'' because of various foundings of animal bones which were so massive that it was assigned to an unknown creature, mainly dragon.

Path trough the Demanova CavePath trough the Demanova CaveFoto:

Ice karst phenomena, Demanova CaveIce karst phenomena, Demanova CaveFoto:

Interior wall of Demanova Cave, SlovakiaInterior wall of Demanova Cave, SlovakiaFoto:

Inside the Demanova CaveInside the Demanova CaveFoto:



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