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A Bizzare Replica of an Austrian Town in China

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 9. 5. 2016 | Updated: 26. 2. 2021PrintSend by email

Hallstatt street, Guangdong, China Hallstatt street, Guangdong, China
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Making copy version of anything is very popular in China. From designer bags and mobile phones they moved on the architectural plagiarism. One says it is the biggest tribute a town can get, the others claim that China ruins its own culture and history to celebrate another.

On one hand you cannot blame them. Hallstatt town is exceptional for its stunning natural setting and architecture. If nothing, it made a great advertisement to the real Hallstatt town. Though it was not confirmed that such a copying of a destination is legal, Chinese did not waited for a miracle and started building the exact replica. According to Reuters, the whole complex costed $96 million. And it amid some controversy - the town replica was done without notifying or asking for a permission in the Austria.

The copy is truly impressive – when walking through the Chinese Hallstatt, you have the feeling as if you were strollling in the Austrian one. Even the fairy-tale lake was created to form the fantastic view. However, the good impression is ruined by its location in the middle of industrial area. That is why the original will always stay the best.

Builiding of China's Hallstatt, Guangdong, ChinaBuiliding of China's Hallstatt, Guangdong, ChinaFoto:

Fake trees in Hallstatt replica, Guangdong, ChinaFake trees in Hallstatt replica, Guangdong, ChinaFoto:

Making of mountains in China's Hallstatt, Guangdong, ChinaMaking of mountains in China's Hallstatt, Guangdong, ChinaFoto:



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