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Beer Spa: Excellent Relax with Glass of Beer

Eva Kubná

Author: Eva Kubná,

Published: 23. 8. 2016 | Updated: 25. 1. 2023PrintSend by email

Beer Spa Beer Spa
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Firstly, there´s one fact: Czech loves Czech beer! Actually, there is hard to find anybody in the entire country who hasn´t tasted this national drink yet or who doesn´t think that the Czech beer is the best in the world. Czech simply felt in love with bitter taste so be aware of speaking badly about their literally "national treasure".

Czech men enjoy sitting and drinking beer and when they tell to their wives "I´ll go for one", they actually mean four, five, six ones....and more. Not surprisingly, the Czech Republic has the highest consumption of amber nectar in the world. There are also many nicknames for beer like "Liquid bread", " God´s drink" or "the Golden beverage". Moreover, beer spa was discovered as a world curiosity and Czech are really proud of it!

Beer BathBeer BathFoto:

Why beer spa? Because beer not only taste well but also it has healing qualities. It was discovered that beer boosts and harmonize organism, benefits vascular system and helps to relax muscle system. Is it still hard to imagine how beer spa looks like? Let´s introduce Rožnov Beer Spa that is situated in cozy little town Rožnov pod Radhoštěm close to Beskydy mountains. Actually, this spa is not the oldest one in the Czech Republic, but it´s one of the most favourite there. Clients firstly warm up in herb steam, after that they have a 35 degrees Celsius beer and herbal bath in order to regenerate their bodies, after they enjoy detoxifying skin pack and relaxing massage. At the end, they relax in the special relaxing room. Moreover, the glass of beer (not one, not two) is available during the whole process. Isn´t it enough for visiting beer spa?

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So don´t miss this unique opportunity to relax and come to the Czech Republic and discover our beer tradition!



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