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Baroque Pearl of Moravia: Olomouc

Lucie Vojvodíková

Author: Lucie Vojvodíková,

Published: 25. 7. 2016 | Updated: 1. 4. 2020PrintSend by email

Upper square in Olomouc Upper square in Olomouc
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Did you know that the city contains the largest concentration of monuments right after Prague?

No other city in Moravia will charm you as much as Olomouc will. One of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, maybe even Europe, has been awarded UNESCO status but even without that reward, Olomouc would still be the prime tourist destination. You will stand in awe before the exceptional atmosphere and magical beauty of the Olomouc.

It used to be the seat of bishops and archbishops for centuries, the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed there his famous sixth symphony during his recovery from smallpox and it has the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. Let's discover the best from Olomouc!

1) Holy Trinity Column

Upper Square with the Holly Trinity Column, OlomoucUpper Square with the Holly Trinity Column, OlomoucFoto:

In the centre of the city, an outstanding example of monument erected in 18th century, the Holy Trinity Column with a little chapel at its bottom. It is a symbol of strong religious faith and being the biggest grouping of sculptures in Central Europe, also a symbol of civil pride. Column has 32 metres and consists of more than 40 sculptures of which the most significant is the Trinity with Archangel Michael. The best time when you can feast your eyes with its uniqueness is at night as the column is lightened up. Moreover the column houses a chapel that is open to public during summer.

2) St. Wenceslas Cathedral

St. Wenceslas Cathedral, OlomoucSt. Wenceslas Cathedral, OlomoucFoto:

Though Olomouc is the centre of Baroque architecture, it does not lack the splendour of other styles. The nobility of the neo-gothic cathedral and archbishop's church of Saint Wenceslas has the second highest church spire in the Czech Republic (100.6 m). Its interior is richly decorated by treasures and works of art from bishops and archbishop's collections. Worth visiting is also the cathedral crypt.

3) Set of baroque fountains

Arion Fountain, OlomoucArion Fountain, OlomoucFoto:

Six fountains with mythological motifs amazes visitors since 17th century. The fountains represent the heyday of the Olomouc city during the Baroque days. Each fountain carries a name after some antiquity times: Neptune, Hercules, Jupiter, Triton, Caesar and Mercury. In 2002 the modern Arion fountain including a non-traditional turtle was added to these six. During summer season, the Arion fountain serves as a wading pool which is popular mainly among children.

4) Astronomical clock

Astronomical clock, OlomoucAstronomical clock, OlomoucFoto:

The astronomical clock in the front of the city's town hall was reconstructed after the WWII to a style of social-realism, popular during the communist are. There is a procession of figures representing different working classes. Its quirky style divides people on two sites: some of them love it, the others hate it. Still, it is one of the main attractions of Olomouc, especially at noon when the clock strikes and the mechanical performance begins.

5) Green rhapsody

Flora Olomouc garden exhibitionFlora Olomouc garden exhibitionFoto:

Olomouc three extensive parks are cultural treasure of the city. Its children's playgrounds make it a family friendly place. The city has kilometres of skating and bicycle paths, offer romantic walks and corners for picnics. There is also a botanical garden providing an oasis of trees and flowers. Not to mention the famous and largest garden exbibition Flora Olomouc showing various kinds of beautiful spring flowers and competitions in flower arrangement.



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